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The Problem

We found it increasingly difficult to find the information we were after – whether it was a list of Marinas to sail to/from in Croatia, a list of Yacht Charter companies serving the Carribean, a list of Gill suppliers that could give us the best offers, or a list of sailing clubs close to home, we just couldn’t find the answers!?

The Solution
We set up as a resource for the whole marine community, listing only relevant, quality links that our visitors will find useful to help to solve the problem. Our curated links list also allows us to flag up some of our favourites – from sailing brands, to the best marinas in the world – so that other people can enjoy them too.

You can list YOUR marine-related business on our website too – it costs just £75 for a permanent placement. Whilst in an ideal world it would be free, we’ve found that by adding a paid element we can save ourselves being deluged with spammy sites, and the fees also help to contribute to the server costs.

If you want to get in touch, please email adrian [at] and we’ll deal with it as quickly and efficiently as possible! 🙂